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Stainless Steel Ruler
Product Character
  • Material: #420 stainless steel
  • Scale : double white acid etched
  • Surface: black chrome
  • Product Specifications
    Item No Size Dimension(mm) PackingN.W/G.W/Cuft
    BS-1015 6"/15cm 170x15x0.6mm 100/box,1500/CTN 22.5/23.5/0.35
    BS-1030 12"/30cm 334x25.5x1.0mm 20/box,400/CTN 28.0/29.0/0.55
    BS-1060 24"/60cm 638x30.0x1.2mm 10/box,150/CTN 27.3/28.3/0.60
    BS-1100 40"/100cm 1043x35.0x1.5mm 10/box,80/CTN 33.6/34.6/0.65